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8mm Direct to Digital

四月 1, 2011

一台价值$ 2500 的 Canon 5D Mark II 照相机除了拍摄静止与动态画面之余,它还能为我们做些什么?答案是:它可以成为一台记录8mm胶片影像的扫描仪。对于那些热衷于使用8毫米胶片记录生活影像的人来说,James Miller 花费了两年时间构造成的这套设备在某种意义上就像一台时光穿梭机,当机器开始运转的时候,附着于胶片上的那些粗糙颗粒感的画面影像便开始流入现在,流向未来。

在这套设备的核心部件中,除了一台Canon 5D Mark II 相机之外,需要在投影仪上安装一组LED灯泡,另外还需要拆解一只35mm的镜头以供光影聚焦所用。您可以对照James Miller为设备组装影片提供的文字说明(见下方),自己尝试着组装出这套设备。如果您成功了,也可以考虑使用您的设备帮助别人重新录制下过去的记忆,当然,要不要收费完全取决您自己的选择。


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This is my method for transferring 8mm footage using the Canon 5Dmk2 in real time. The results are very good for such a fast method if you cannot afford the money or time for frame scanning.

00:42 – It very important to use a flat type LED’s not the dome shaped ones. The dome shape LED’s will give you lots of blooming and the focus will drift at the edges making you suspect the lens.

00:58 – I drilled 3 holes in the body of the projector for the LED flexible light strip, behind where the original bulb used to sit. I mask out light I don’t want projected with putty. The position of the lights helps mask out some of the scratches. I need to add another couple of (horizontal) lights either side of the centre light.

01:29 – I modified the original projector lens to try and achieve a flat field image. Made from the rear element from a Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm and attached to the original lens tube with a bit a tape no less. You could use standard lens and there are some very nice ones out there.

03:08 – Utilising the body from the old 35mm lens, it proved a good way in shielding the projector from light pollution, I also added a 12mm extension tube. A lens cloth draped over the front further seals the light from entering, of course you could just film in very low light.

00:12 – I put 2 drive belts on the motor, this slowed the motor down just enough to reduce the shutter flicker. The Canon 5Dmk2 was set to 24p and 1/50 for our electrical phase.
ISO ranged from base up to 1000, depending on exposure of original film. The footage is fine at ISO 1000 but this could be reduced by using a more powerful flat lens LED.

03:30 – Focus and frame size changed by moving the projector or camera and adjusting the screw type lens. Try and focus on the film grain and not the scratches.

00:37 – I removed the internal mask for 8mm & S8mm aspects at the gate to project an unrestricted image into the camera. You gain areas that are hidden but they have the perfs though them and you see the top and bottom of the next and previous frame, but you can re-mask in post. If it’s personal footage you want to see everything on the frame, some times it makes the difference.

You can use the crop sensor DSLR’s but the lens would need changing or modifying unless you wanted a cropped image. On this lens and projector I can not bring the camera near enough without fouling on the body of the camera or projector body to get a full image captured.

I have tried to make this project as accessible as possible and apart from the camera, all the items are fairly cheap to pick up.

Projector used: Eumig Mark 501, I also use the Eumig 610D & the Eumig Mark DL
Camera: Canon 5Dmk2

Ref LED: maplin.co.uk/​dc-12-v-flexible-led-light-strip-400mm-47376

The Projector – 8mm Direct to 5Dmk2 from James Miller on Vimeo.

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