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八月 12, 2010

Cannes Lions 是每年广告创意人竞相争取广告荣誉的圣地,2010年6月底最终选出了09、10年度最佳的广告创意奖项。
戛纳国际广告节创立于1954年。由于受到戛纳影展的影响,全球影片广告组织(worldwide cinema screenadvertising contractors,SAWA)当时觉得广告影片是否也应该具备同样的奖项来鼓励认真创作的广告公司,因而创办了第一届国际广告影片展。




因篇幅所限,这里只为大家节选几段精彩作品,更多内容可前往 官方网站 继续观赏。


13th Street Horror Channel                                                                     
BRAND – 13th Street Horror Channel
颇具创意的互动广告,用电影片段与真实场景混合剪辑成一段恐怖的杀人魔追逐戏,        SPOT – "Last Call" 
而女主角的命运听由电影院在场观众的决定。                                                           AGENCY – Jung Von Matt, Hamburg   
(在场的观众被要求写下自己的电话号码后,然后由电脑随机拨号与现场观众求救。)         COUNTRY – Germany

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Cleans Your Balls                                                                                  BRAND – Axe 
                                                                                                                                      SPOT – "Cleans Your Balls"
AXE品牌一如既往的发挥着自己充气荷尔蒙式的无边创意。只是这次好像手法颇为写实,                 AGENCY – BBH, New York
竟然使用了传统电视购物的手法来宣传其男性沐浴用品,不过,真的是这样么?请慢慢品味              COUNTRY – USA

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Canal+                                                                                                                BRAND – Canal+  
                                                                                                                             SPOT – "Closet"  
                                                                                                                             AGENCY – BETC Euro RSCG, Paris
法国的付费电视频道集团 Canal+ 。我只想说,结局实在太棒了!                                    COUNTRY – France

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Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World                               BRAND – Johnnie Walker 
                                                                                                                               SPOT – "The Man Who Walked
                                                                                                                                            Around The World"
六分多钟的广告使用一个长镜头,一气呵成为的通过老牌演員Robert Carlyle边走边               AGENCY – BBH, London 
为你讲述了一个拥有漫长历史的品牌故事。                                                                      COUNTRY – United Kingdom

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The Topsy Foundation                                                                                      BRAND – The Topsy Foundation
The Topsy Foundation用90天的时间记述了一位叫Selinah的Aids患者身体状态               SPOT – "Selinah"
变化的过程。没有华丽特效与曲折剧情的影像记录方式,捕捉了真实却残酷的时间流               AGENCY – Ogilvy, Johannesburg
逝的画面。                                                                                                               COUNTRY – South Africa

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Tropicana                                                                                                                        BRAND – Tropicana
冬季,处于永夜时期的北极圈一天24小时是看不见阳光的,因此Tropicana想出了                            SPOT – "Arctic Sun"
这么一个温暖的创意:把太阳带到北极圈。                                                                                AGENCY – BBDO, Toronto
传达产品背后的品牌价值永远是广告宣传创意最终的目的。                                                           COUNTRY – Canada

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Fashion Show with Google

广告时间 – “Chore” for Damaris(内衣)



广告时间:CLIO 2010 获奖广告影片


广告时间:LG Kompressor Elite


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