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Hermès 方巾:历史与奥秘

五月 30, 2010

带压印的简单方形丝巾一直受到社会名流和皇室成员的青睐。它已不仅是一个时尚配饰,更包含着一段历史。自1937年始创至今Hermès 方巾公司已经设计出二千多种不同的图案。这本书介绍了这段充满传奇的丝巾史,从70年的创造性设计作品中挑选出各种丝巾收录在内,从极具 Hermès 风格的经典款式,到充满奔放想象力的现代设计作品。



作为一个奢侈生活的必须要素,Hermès 丝巾自1937年诞生以来一直是20世纪美丽、财富和魅力的象征。

新书《Hermès 丝巾:历史与奥秘》记录了这个时尚研究所的成长,从最初公司的成立到对那些无可比拟的设计的严格审查,从它的2000多款设计中挑选收录了很多令人惊叹的图形和款式。

HermesBookScarf-2   HermesBookScarf-3

从18世纪的地图到新希腊风格刺绣,从M.C. Escher(1898-1972荷兰艺术家,他的石板画和木刻画描绘了想象中的变形、不规则的几何形状)到 Piet Mondrian(荷兰画家,以抽象几何图案等为特点),Hermès 丝巾成为印在丝质上的世界文化资讯。


Hermès 第三代掌门人 Pierre-Alexis Dumas 秉承他的祖父 Robert Dumas 和他的父亲 Jean-Louis 的理念,强调公司诙谐有趣的文化和强烈的家庭纽带。“对追求从不犹豫,对个人的成功也不作过多期望,只是用纯粹的热情全心投入于一项使命,这正是将Hermès 丝巾创立之初的状态。先是 Robert Dumas 然后是 Jean-Louis Dumas 和他的团队,他们共同创造了时尚史上具有里程碑意义的配饰品牌。”

在所附的短文“丝巾的历史”中,时尚作家Nadine Coleno形容 Hermès 是“精神上简单而开放,没有自负与偏见,在过去与未来、功能与外观之间构筑起自然的桥梁”


As an essential accessory to luxury lifestyles, the Hermès scarf has symbolized twentieth century beauty, wealth and fantasy since its creation in 1937.

The new book "The Hermès Scarf: History and Mystique" documents the rise of this fashion institution through essays about the company’s inception as well as in-depth examinations of the inimitable scarf’s design, complimented by stunning pictures of the many patterns and prints making up their 2,000-strong collection.

From 18th century maps to neo-Grecian embroidery and scarves inspired by M.C. Escher and Piet Mondrian, "The Hermès Scarf" reads as a cultural briefing reconfigured onto silk.

In Pierre-Alexis Dumas’ forward, the third generation Hermès owner emphasizes the playful side of the company and strong familial ties that began with his grandfather, Robert Dumas and his son Jean-Louis. "Never wavering in their quest or anticipating their own success, simply devoting themselves with bold enthusiasm to a mission that was always a pleasure, that of bringing the Hermès scarf into existence, first Robert [Dumas] then Jean-Louis Dumas and their band of colleagues created an accessory that has become a landmark in the history of style."

In the accompanying essay "The Story of the Scarf," fashion writer Nadine Coleno describes Hermès as "Simple and open in spirit, free of pretension and prejudice, forming a natural bridge between past and future, between function and appearance."

Pre-order the book from Amazon or buy it from Thames & Hudson on its 15 July 2010 release date. See more images in the gallery below.

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Hermès 短片一则

艺术家:Allison Schulnik



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